Essential Oils for Grief

Grief can enter the lives of anyone, young or old. When death comes to the life of a person we know, or even a beloved pet, essential oils can help one move through the grieving process more easily.

Essential Oil Joy
One client had been the primary caregiver for her mother for several years before her mother’s death, but after this, my client experienced difficulty reintegrating back into regular life. As my client was speaking about her mother, she started crying almost uncontrollably.That’s when I got out the Joy essential oil blend and showed her how to put a drop or two in the palm of one hand, rub her hands together, cup them over her nose, and then breathe. Within about a minute, the change in my client was amazing! Next, I showed her hot to put another drop or two of the Joy oil over her heart, and suddenly, I had a composed client. With no additional applications, my client seemed to be herself for the rest of the session.

In my experience, this Joy blend also brings more peace when dealing with an approaching death. Sometimes it even works well just by inhaling it directly from the bottle.

The Joy blend is noted for its effectiveness in many issues of the heart, so this is the blend that I reach for first when dealing with grief.

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Other Oils for Grief

In addition to the Joy blend, people consistently report that one or more of the following oils can also help when dealing with grief.

  • Rose
  • Frankincense
  • Trauma Life
  • Peace & Calming
  • Valor
  • White Angelica
  • Stress Away Roll-On
  • Citrus Fresh, either alone or with lemon, orange, or tangerine
  • Feelings Kit oils
  • Mood Lifting Protocol with Valor, Harmony, Joy and White Angelica
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