Eliminate Musty Odors

Using essential oils, musty odors can be pretty quick and easy to eliminate, depending on the cause. The solution usually involves only 3 things, and sometimes 4.

1. A diffuser.
2. The Thieves essential oil blend.
3. 48 hours.
4. A dehumidifier.

icon-drop My Story
When my husband and I moved recently, we decided to make our guest room in the furnished area of the basement. When our first guest came to visit, the room wasn’t completely furnished, so she stayed in a smaller room upstairs.

But when I proudly showed her the large guest room where she would be staying on her next visit, she told me that she didn’t want to stay there because it smelled moldy. I was crushed.

Fortunately, I knew what to do. I began using the dehumidifier immediately. Next, I got out an extra diffuser, put it up as high as possible, poured the Thieves essential oil blend in the well and began diffusing.

Every morning and night for 48 hours, I added more Thieves to the diffuser, and after that, the entire basement smelled wonderful!

Now that the musty odor is gone, I have designed a maintenance program.
1. Keep the dehumidifier going all year round, but not on high.
2. Keep basement closet doors open when there are no guests. This helps the air to circulate more freely.
3. Every six months, diffuse Thieves in the basement for 48 hours straight. I do this for 48 hours in the guest bedroom and for 48 hours in the far corner of the basement.

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